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Nexya S3 inverter multi

The Nexya S3 Multi series is designed for the multi-room air conditioning. Installing a single outdoor unit to which are connected up to 4 wall terminals, each dedicated to the climate control of a single environment.


Nexya S3 inverter multi is available in: DUAL for conditioning up to 2 environments. TRIAL to cool up to three environments. PANELS to cool up to 4 rooms The operation of the individual units split can be alternated or contemporary. The DC inverter compressor ensures precise power adjustment depending on the thermal load of the environment and the number of environments that are climatizzando allowing savings of up to 30%


Models of power: 4.2 kW - 5.3 kW - 8.3 kW 10.4 kW
Energy efficiency in cooling: A+
Energy efficiency in heating: (climate zone average): A
Refrigerant gas: R410A*
Remote: Multifunction remote control
Led Backlight
Timer 24
Flexibility of instalation: Flexibility of combination
*non hermetically sealed equipment containing fluorinated gas


Auto function
adjusts operation parameters based on ambient temperature