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AQUADUE® control

is the home automation management system, designed by Olimpia Splendid for high energy efficient installation. AQUADUE® control integrates the advantages of the heat pump with the comfort advantages of the fancoils Bi2 and adds the ability to manage each unit locally and remotely.


With AQUADUE® control is possible to auto configure, control and manage in all its functions the hydronic system:
  • ventilated heating or irradiated
  • cooling
  • dehumidification
  • domestic hot water production

  • Integration between heat pump generators and terminal units Bi2 with radiation
  • selection of comfort zones
  • weekly programming
  • 3 "special programs" for the desired comfort
  • up to 192 units under control
  • remote control via smartphone/tablet using APP for iOS and Android
  • Feautures

    Compatible with the full range hydronic Olimpia Splendid - Bi2 and heat pumps
    Multiple access levels: Password individual access levels to ensure access and modify various intervention
    Multi-zone control: control of the generators in the heat pump, control of each terminal facility or groups of terminal units Display of operating modes and alarms
    Weekly or daily programming function
    Integration of climate curves of the generators in the heat pump with comfort levels set
    Interconnection simplified thanks to the contacts on CPU board
    Integration with BACnet module
    Management of up to 192 units
    Supervision system via app
    CPU containing Ethernet TCP / IP
    Connection with normal bipolar cable interface RS485 Modbus protocol.
    Specific functions for commercial applications: ability to manage for each fan coil restrictions setpoint, keypad lock, forcing modes.


    Thanks to the simply user interface the access to the heat pump and terminal units management is immediate and extremely easy.
    automatically identify the system organizing it by type, it also allows to the user to group them and rename them according to the needs of the user.
    For each group of generators or terminal units it is possible to control and select:
  • the operation mode
  • the setpoint
  • the system water temperatures
  • level of ambient temperatures and climatic curves
  • programming