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Sherpa ® COLD

Energy efficiency class in average climatic conditions: up to A +++ (35C) and A ++ (55C). Energy efficiency class for heating in cold climates: up to A + (35C) and A + (55C)


COMPACT TECHNOLOGY. Component engineering made it possible to insert a 3-way hot water control valve for domestic use. The reduced size allows installation in a kitchen cabinet. SMART CONTROL The control is extremely flexible and the following interfaces can be used: Program thermostat (included as standard) with liquid crystal display. It contains the most advanced functions for controlling different types of heat pump systems. Operating logic considers the climatic season and the amount of heat required, thus adjusting the engine frequency based on the difference between the ambient temperature and the water temperature. Remote control (optional) with the ability to control the temperature and humidity of the environment.


Provides DHW: heated water with temperatures up to 55 ° C
Refrigerant gas: R410A*
Remote control panel: Remote control with the possibility of temperature control


Domestic hot water
up to 55°C