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DOLCECLIMA silent 12

Maximum cooling power with a unique design. 12000 BTU (35C -80%UR). Thanks to Blue Air Technology it provides the best comfort developing an important volume of air with the slightest sound. The Silent System Technology reduce the noise up to -10%*, with only 38 dB(A)** of sound pressure. It comes with a new touch display in order to optimize the cooling performances. * In-house laboratory test on Olimpia Splendid range ** test declaration in semi-anecoic chamber at 2 meters of distance in ventilation only mode


DOLCECLIMA range is a concentrate of technology designed, qualified and tested in our laboratories in Italy. The DOLCECLIMA incorporate Blue Air Technology: already at minimum speed the diffusion of air is amplified compared to traditional systems. Cooling up to 2 times faster and more homogeneous.* The portable air conditioners use a monobloc Olimpia Splendid technology that provides all of the refrigeration cycle components compacted into one unit and provides a connection to the outside through the special corrugated pipe 1.5m long provided in series with the air conditioner. *Internal lab tests on traditional Olimpia Splendid range


Sound power: dB (A)63
Cooling cаpacity: 12.000 BTU/h***
Nominal cooling cap: 2,85 kW****
Energy class: А
Rated energy efficient index: EER 2,61****
Refrigirent gas: R410A ***
No tank: automatic condensation disposal
Multi remote
LCD dsiplay
Timer 12h
Practical side handles
* Internal laboratory tests on traditional Olimpia Splendid range ** Declaration of test data in a semi anechoic chamber at a distance of 2m, minimum pressure fan only *** 35C/80%UR **** In accordance with regulation EN14511 ***** Hermetically sealed equipment containing fluorinated gas


Sleep mode
gradually increases the temperature set and ensures reduced noise for greater wellbeing at night.
Fan mode
adjustable 3 fan speed. Fan only mode can also be used.
Dehumidification mode
Auto mode
automatic operation which regulates cooling in relation to the ambient temperature to optimize energy consumption.
Turbo mode
maximum fan speed. Extra cool.