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Bi2 SL smart inverter ultraslim

Terminal that heats, cools, dehumidifies and filters. Thanks to its integral design, with a depth of only 12.9 cm, the installation and maintenance of the machine has never been so easy! With innovative integrated multilayer control, maximum comfort is always at hand.


Single terminal that heats, air conditioners and filters. Ultraslim technology combines a tangential fan and an electric motor that modulates speed. Compared to a traditional fan, it provides a minimum noise level along with maximum air diffusion.


Installation: simple installation on the floor, wall and ceiling
Compact: thickness of only 12.9 cm
Availiable range: 5 available sizes
Available colors: White
Easy maintanance: Removable air intake filters


Air conditioner
Provides air filtration
Radiant heating with forced convection
Radiant heating with natural convection
Cooling with forced convection