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Bi2 Nano

The NANO fancoil that heats, cools and dehumidifies. Thanks to its special design Bi2 Nano is only 12.9 cm deep and just 34.8 cm high. Produced in Italy, it guarantees comfort and energy efficiency.


BI2 NANO is a water-filled fancoil that heats, cools and dehumidifies, ensuring comfort low steady state time. In just 12.9 cm of thickness and 34.8 cm of height holds a tangential fan and a self modulating motor which guarantees minimum absorption and maximum uniformity of temperature. Designed for facilities where you can not install the product on the wall:glass wall,continuously facades


Installation: floor / wall / ceiling*
Compact: thickness of just 12,9 cm, height 35 cm
Availiable range: 5 power models
AC motor
Available colors: White
Lowered versions: total height 42,8 cm
Easy maintanance: the easy removability of air filters and access to the front fan simplify cleaning
Metal sides


Provides air filtration