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Bi2 SLI inverter naked

A single terminal that heats, air conditions, dehumidifies and filters. The ultraslim technology combines the tangential fan and electric motor, which modulates the speed. If compared to the traditional fan, it ensures minimum noise level coupled with the maximum diffusion of the air. Designed in Italy


Bi2 SLI inverter naked is a water-filled, recessed system terminal developed by selecting the best materials to guarantee maximum energy performance. Year-round air conditioning is possible with Bi2 SLI inverter naked: heating, cooling, dehumidification, filtering. The DC brushless motor adapts the air flow to the ambient thermal load optimizing comfort and reducing consumption, which is typical of inverter technology. At minimum fan speed total electrical absorption is only 5w.


DC brushless motor
Installation: wall / ceiling
Compact: recessed wall thickness of just 142 mm
Availiable range: 5 power models
Available colors: White
Recessed versions
Recess with formwork
Ultra slim aesthetic panel


Air conditioner